Mrs. Benincasa's 5th Grade Rockets

Soaring to New Heights!

Math / Science 

Hi, my name is Maria Benincasa, I teach 5th grade math and science here at Michael Anderson. This is my 14th year teaching 5th grade. I graduated from Arizona State University (ASU).

Students, thank you for having that GREAT Growth Mindset. Working together you'll  become great thinkers, communicators and problem solvers

In a world where you can choose, choose to be kind.

Students have homework everyday, they have their daily lessons and multiplication. Check out the calendar page for daily lessons and future field trips.
Ask to see their work, also please check their Responsibility Cards everyday.  
Especially their Good Behavior Chart

Just a few housekeeping items:

Lets Keep Our Student's Safe

Safe Car Drop off:  7-7:30 AM
Please use the entrance off of Central Avenue (Car Drop off Lane)
Do Not:  Use 3rd Avenue
No U Turns on 3rd Avenue
Do Not Use The Teacher Parking Area For Drop Off 

Safe Afternoon Car Pick UP
Please use the entrance off of Central Avenue (Car Pick Up Lane)
Do Not: Use 3rd Avenue
No U Turns on 3rd Avenue
Do Not Use the Teacher Parking Area for Pick UP

Kid at Hope Pledge

I am a Kid at Hope. I am talented, smart, and capable of success.  I have dreams for the future and I will climb to reach those goals and dreams everydayAll children are capable of success!


In order to achieve you have to believe.

Dream Big, Work Hard!

My Pledge to your students

As an adult and a Treasure Hunter, I am committed to searching for 

the talents, skills, and intelligences 

that exist in all children and youth.  

I believe that all children are capable of success...


 Parents, please insure that your child is doing their math and science homework every night. 

Also, please have them practice their multiplication tables each night until they successfully learn 1-12

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  
Ms. Benincasa‚Äč