Tips for Parents

Chapters books are my favorite to read as they make our imagination soar! They always have  more characters than picture books too. So if you are reading to your child, try to use different voices, read with enthusiasm and always change the tone of voice to make reading more enjoyable for your child.

•  To check your child's comprehension, you can ask relevant questions as they read. Here are some examples of relevant questions: "Who was that...?" "What is the theme or the author's message?" "Tell me about the problem/solution." Ask your child to retell the events of the story.

• I also recommend encouraging your child to ask questions about any new words they might not know. This will increase their vocabulary knowledge and will help them with their writing. The best way to increase our vocabulary knowledge is to read a lot!

• You could also try different books written by the same author so your child will have an opportunity to judge and compare. You can also try alternating fiction with nonfictions books. 

On the left, I have added a few of my favorite books. I will be adding more in the near future.